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messina bakecaincontrii Granada is a city of leisure, a city for contemplation and fantasy, a
city where, better than in any other, lovers can write on the ground
the name of their beloved.

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http://tea3.es/?kastrat=citas-online-recoletas-burgos&25a=ac fruitlessly LORCA AND THE CITY OF GRANADA

The city of Granada is replete with charms and circumstances for it to merit consideration as a city of the arts. Its streets and squares pulse with activity, a whole host of projects and programmes that sail on the waves of its cultural life. This city, where the parade of plays, concerts, recitals and exhibitions is constant, is fully aware of its idiosyncrasy and sure of the path it is taking towards diversity and quality in its arts offerings.

The future of this part of the world is as promising as it is in debt with its incomparably rich past. Federico García Lorca, our poet, has become the symbol of the cultural city that we strive for, and, with him, Granada City Council has wished to establish a major international poetry prize bearing his name, to recognise his importance once again and present the image that our city deserves.

Poetry has always filled the name of Granada with its verses. Lorca also filled Granada with his works, and this is why everybody in the city acknowledges the poet from Fuentevaqueros as the literary symbol of the cultural avant garde.

Lorca was ahead of his time. His Andalusian outlook allowed him to create a special way of linking his verses and composing his lines. He took with him to Madrid a feeling of nostalgia for his birthplace, while soaking up all the new potential offered by the other members of the “1927 Generation”.

Far from Spain, his time in New York broadened his way of thinking and writing. Indeed, it would be in the New World where he gave birth to one of the most beautiful collections of poetry in all Latin American literature. The rhythm of his modern verses was perfectly in tune with the content of every word, every punctuation mark, every pause.

This is why Granada has chosen the most international of its poets for the name of this prize for the rest of the world: the very best of our city. Thus, poetry and Granada will continue to be linked to Lorca’s name.

[At the launch event for the prize in 2004 ]
José Torres Hurtado, Mayor of Granada

The prize

Established by Granada City Council in 2004, the Federico García Lorca City of Granada International Poetry Prize is an annual lifetime-achievement award that is given to a living poet who has made a particularly relevant contribution to the cultural heritage of Spanish literature. Besides a cash prize, winners also receive a replica of the sculpture Luna, by Miguel Moreno.

Nomination proposals

With a view to streamlining the processing of nomination proposals by the organisers of the Prize, you can download or make a note of the link below to propose a candidature whenever you choose. You can also complete the CONTACT form or send us an email to the address indicated in this section, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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